Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

This to one of my dearest sister in the Lord..even though I cannot see her these days or talk to her..Her life is an example of truly standing out for the Lord giving out her 100% for You....
This is for you my dearest Reeja...I miss u a lot but I know in His time all things will be beautiful!!!
I wrote this inspired by the life of my friend's faith.....

When you are alone,cut off from visible love..
Never despair coz He still cares from above..
Though you might think its so dark..
Just wait my dear,there'll be a spark..
Even though I'm far He is always near
Never must you let any fear
Come nigh with its strings..
In the name of the Lamb you will fling..
All oppression that the defeated may bring..
Very soon we will see a new thing..
A strange and wondrous move of God..
And holding hands we'll praise our Jesus Lord..
Forever He is above all gods..

Dear Lord...
I thankyou for my dearest sister who's standing for you..May she always know that you are near to her and that she is always dear to us ...Protect and stand by her dear Jesus..may your holy angels protect and keep her...In your time You will do a marvellous thing before our eyes..Amen..!!