Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

I praise my Jesus and I am humbled and honoured by His love and grace in my life....After many months of spiritual decline and coldness...the Lord has sent a mighty revival and a never ending passion for His Kingdom...it's amazing that it seems only to grow everyday as I walk with my Saviour...His presence has become so precious to me that nothing else is best.....I am having so many WOW moments with Jesus..the kind of life I desired...full of meaning and purpose....The many "goliaths" in my life have fallen dead [they're even stinking by now :-) ]...I experience such power that word's are not enough to explain it.....The Lord is sending a revival...the storm of the Holy Spirit is going to uproot the chains satan the defeated foe has bound many with....Amen....
There is an urgency in my spirit....There is a lot to do...the harvest is ready.....Lord..I only pray ..'what is the cost?...show me Jesus..I am willing to do with the power of the Holy Spirit'..
Praise be to God.......This is just the beginning.......So all of you who have read this blog....get ready for a mighty wave of change....Delhi is going to see the Saviour they were looking for..Amen.....From Delhi ......it will only spread.......The world will bow in reverence to the One they crucified..Oh Holy Spirit touch all those who read this now.....In faith I pray..Amen

Lord I want to give a special thanks to all those in wonderful precious souls at THE CITY FELLOWSHIP CENTER...thankyou for the zeal..their prayerful attitude.....Let us all grow Jesus in you so that each one of us may reflect Jesus to this dying world....Amen..........

I am writing this blog right after the previous one which might have seemed so desperate...
It was....But I am so thankful to God for He gave me 10 times of what I asked.....I dedicate this poem to all those brothers and sister's who have blessed me by their prayers,words, encouragements,scoldings[;)] ,love and care..........Thankyou Jesus for I love you so.....

I hadn't realized how much it meant
To know that someone cares to pray
To uphold me when i'm gray,
With timely encouragments and those frowns
I thank you Lord,today for those
Who came my way just like a rose.
There were petals but with the thorns,
But all were meant to make unlike those with horns..
Horns of pride,and of scorn.
To be transformed into a little like You.
If you who's reading this lil' rhyme,
Was in any way a part of my making,
Into the Father's mould since my awakening...
I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
I'll never ever forget how I did start.
My life had to end before it began,
But my Jesus had another plan..
I'm honoured you are part of my space
As you join me in this heavenly race...


Words are not enough but only in Heaven all of you dear people will know how much your love has lifted me......Thankyou once again

There was a time last week when some situation broke my heart.....I had to say goodbye to some of my dearest brother's and sister's in the Lord...Oh,Lord only you understand my pain....but I won't complain because you have given me so much in return..
This poem that I wrote was that I wrote in despair and much sorrow but it is my faith and strong belief that the Lord will restore Jerusalem.....The breaches will be repaired...Yes,Lord...do as you will.Amen
Have the heart's become cold.
Has ambition made em' bold.
Prejudice has made brother's hate.
In this world all this is true.
But what do you do when the Church wants to mate,
With the fallen systems of this heath.
Oh such pain it does give my heart.
When whom I thought was family does sham,
Sending by semaphore to the ruler of this world,
Giving the serpent the last laugh.
Oh what have we come to,my dear pilgrims in this Christian walk,
We have missed the road that was narrow
slipped onto another path slightly broader,
The time has come to hasten
To our hassock and cry to the Lord..
So that He'll save us before the devil can harry,
And turn the Holy Bride of Christ into a harlot..
Oh may this never happen....
When oh bretheren,will you hearken????


God help us all to hear your voice...this is my only plea....