Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

It's been a while I have been thinking about 'what's next'...there's always a curiosity, an urge to know what the next bend in the road might bring..we expect something but reality's so different..Are dreams only meant to motivate or is it a part of you that is wanting to take shape.. A lot many times I just don't know why am doing something...so many questions but all I can say is I've always found the answers in JESUS...its amazing..I've tried it on my own but I end up frustrated and without an answer but just a little bit of me when it turns for heavenly help,its like heaven itself comes down just for 'one me'...its truly amazing........As I wait for a change,desperate sometimes..I know I'll always find YOU at the end....

One day all things will not be at rest
The bird will finally flee its nest
To the world to prove its best..
Though home won't be far from its chest..
Today she sits caged and free..
I know that's difficult to see...
Waiting for the dreams she wants to be..
Lost and muddled though at times it may be.
Trying to reach the heights there seems,
A fear,a doubt that ties the knee..
Help doesn't come from mountain peaks..
Yet there's the voice thats waiting to speak...
Seeking a heart that won't go weak;
When trials overwhelm,or temptaions seek..
Forget thou not the promises divine,
With steadfast faith it'll be your time;
Your struggle,your fight will soon be a sign,
That hope's never a dead-end with grace sublime...


There are times in which life's situations when it seems as though you are drowning in the valley of tears...Nothing seems to be going right..people seem fake and unreal and this whole world seems not fit to live in...The only thing that pulls me on is MY NEXT DOOR SAVIOUR...He's always there even when i'm feeling lonely...when I'm crying in the rain...He collects all those tears coz they are precious to Him...
"You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book" (Psalm 56:8, NLT)
Life is a bitter-sweet road of reality and sometimes it may get a lil extra bitter but with Jesus by your side it will worth the experience in the end........GBU

This to one of my dearest sister in the Lord..even though I cannot see her these days or talk to her..Her life is an example of truly standing out for the Lord giving out her 100% for You....
This is for you my dearest Reeja...I miss u a lot but I know in His time all things will be beautiful!!!
I wrote this inspired by the life of my friend's faith.....

When you are alone,cut off from visible love..
Never despair coz He still cares from above..
Though you might think its so dark..
Just wait my dear,there'll be a spark..
Even though I'm far He is always near
Never must you let any fear
Come nigh with its strings..
In the name of the Lamb you will fling..
All oppression that the defeated may bring..
Very soon we will see a new thing..
A strange and wondrous move of God..
And holding hands we'll praise our Jesus Lord..
Forever He is above all gods..

Dear Lord...
I thankyou for my dearest sister who's standing for you..May she always know that you are near to her and that she is always dear to us ...Protect and stand by her dear Jesus..may your holy angels protect and keep her...In your time You will do a marvellous thing before our eyes..Amen..!!

For it is the will of God that all of mankind be saved...I happen to share an autorickshaw a long time back with an unknown lady and as I saw her restless face I began to write a poem which i completed only recently...Truly we as Christians need to be examples to the world that's dying...without hope,love,peace,joy and most importantly without a Saviour who can save them from eternal separation from the Creator who loves them with a love beyond understanding..

Here goes my poem..

I saw their palms rise in reverence to man-made stone..
In vain hope that it would their sins atone..
Minds that fear the unseen one..
Lives run by fate under the sun..
Some silver on the hand,some red on the brow..
They think their problems would run..
Away from the songs of life they've sung..
Rushing to and fro as though the final bell's rung..
Into the world's mire they're further sunk..
Lord what is in me that I'm not dead..
To your love and to your bread..
You gave me coz You had tread..
On this lowly earth infected with sin that the serpent had fed..
Your life here was ended on a rocky bed..
But You rose again and saved us instead..
May it never be that we live the truth with our head..
But with our hearts obey when we're led..
Love so divine to share with those who dread..
To live with the chains that the dragon has spread..
Awaken O Lord Your remanant to see..
Through eyes of faith Your glory revealed..
To lead and have such lives lived..
That honoured will be those souls for all in Heaven to see..
To rejoice with YOU through all eternity..

Dear Lord...
This is my prayer that all that You're teaching me I may live with my heart in complete obedience to You and out of my worship will flow my service to where you want me to be a blessing...Thankyou cannot be expressed in words..Master for what you've done...with every beat of my heart,with every prayer i pray.with every song that I sing..with every thing i write or do...BE GLORIFIED!!Lord I want my life to reflect who you are...Burn everything till all i desire is YOU!! Amen......

With heart that's overwhelmed I just wanna thank God for His amazing ways...These past weeks the Lord did the impossible in my life,in the life of my dear sister Reeja...All I can say is God is Almighty..no matter what people say I know my God reigns...All I can express is by this song I wrote..

Ch: Impossible is possible (2)
Coz Jehovah of the ages (2)
Is Jesus of today...

When we fix our eyes on you Father
We know we'll go a step further..
Invite you into our spaces..
Then we will see...


We know that He is greater
No power on earth is stronger
To all who've gone before us
With us they'll see..


When we face situations in our life that sems impossible...we need to fix our eyes on the Lord not on our situations...As it is said in His word..

Therefore,since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us,let us lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us,and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,(2)fixing our eyes on Jesus,the author and perfector of faith,who for the joy set before Him endured the cross,despising the shame,and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God...
Hebrews 12:1,2

So dear pilgrims...let us run with Jesus as our beginning and end...with our spiritual armour in place and being firm on our faith with the alertness to the schemes of the evil one...
May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you....Amen...

When a Christian realizes his or her prophetic pontential to see into th emighty plans of God through the eyes of faith...there's sure to be a rumble and that's the thunder in distance waiting to pour the rains of revival...and the key to unleash those water's of revival is prayer..and its been God's amazing grace that I could see the JUST A MINUTE PRAYER MOVE begin in my college this monday and the Lord has begun to work in the third of prayer itself..Wow I mean we as Christians are so asleep..dead spiritually at times like dry bones when we don't listen to the voice of the Lord...This sunday the Lord gave me a song from Ezekiel 37:4-14 which was the theme of the message and the Lord has been taking me through situations so similar like dry bones which were transformed into real living beings or positive situations...
The song goes like this...

Walking in the midst of the valley
I stopped to look and tarry
All around there were bones so dry..
I just wished they were a lie..

And He said,Son of Man..
Can they live yet again ?..(2)
Lord, you know; I said..
Lord.you said;I know

Ch: Prophecy He said..(3)
to them now..

Coz' I will make these bones to live
I will make them rise again..
Fighting the enemy they'd lost their lives..
But I will be their hope again..


My Spirit is within you..
Oh,my people rise from your graves.
I will place you on your land
Arise, for the kingdom of God is at hand...


I just wanna Praise God for His awesome plan and grace...Nothing do we lack in Him..
We just need to prophecy into our seemingly hopeless situations words of faith and see the mighty hand of God like I am seeing..Amen.....

As i stepped into a new year with God's abundant faithfullness this 17th..I just wrote this poem down as a thanksgiving to all the love I found around me...for all the precious bhaiya's n di's ,sister's n brother's who complete me in their special ways..This for you all..I love you for what u mean to me...

Through the different faces of time..
She walked on with a heart like mine.
There was a place she went to escape
Another Jonah' takin her shape..
Burdens rolled into blessings anew
Love so divine suddenly grew.
Blossomed the dyin' bud of her life into full bloom
Could this be true,her heart would often say..
Was this love truly meant to stay?
Time began to answer with care..
Yes,there was a love what she once couldn't share..
Oh!what a blessed release was this to her mind.
These were her kind,yes truly her kind...
Seen from above were those endless yearnings.
A heart that was dry from past learnings..
Today she stands with a heart over-whelmed
Bursting with a river of peace uncondemned,
A foretaste of the eternal love to come
She waits and seeks for His will to be done..

Thankyou..Lord for all that U've done...For all the precious saints u gave me this year..Help me to be a blessing to them and use all of us for ur name..Amen

There was a very important decision that seemed to go wrong today in college and as i sat in class unable to contain my thoughts i penned down a poem and the very next instant i got the news that the Lord had opened another door...so without knowing the result i just wanna give glory to God for what He is and what He has been and for what He will be...Amen

In my unsettling dust of thoughts
Sometimes I see despite the storms..
Even though door's are torn..
In all of this a new work is born..
I only hope with faith kept strong.
And know that the wait won't be long..
When blocks seem to marr my way..
Help me Lord always to stay and say..
The enemy camp will be kept at bay..
Open the Heaven's gates O Lord..
As we pray with one accord..
Mountains will crumble..
Coz there'll be a rumble..
To lead those who stumble.
By the one's you see so humble!!

Today I had the most sweetest times in many days with my Lord...I was all alone at home feeling very dejected and sad for one reason or the other..As I began crying out to the Lord with tears asking Him for a new experience...a little closer walk..My tears overflowed into a song...

I don't know where I am going Lord..
I don't know why it seems so dark..
I just know there's a longing Lord.
Give your strength and your power


Coz' I wanna walk this road you set
Coz' I wanna walk the road you trod..
I'm just a lonely wanderer...
Seeking your will my conquerer!

When my life is bleak and lost
When to the sea of tear's am tossed
Don't let let me sink..
Oh,hold my hand,make me walk..

Yes...LOrd.Only on you do I depend...When I am sinking in the pond of despair..you lift me up and fill me with heavenly joy again...LOVE U LORD!!!

There are times when we step into those phases of life which seem so blank,dark,full of nothingness.I know it coz I'm going through one of those wilderness of testing times....Its painful,its hard,knocks you down,makes your knees go weak,makes you crawl....
I know its in these times the Lord selects His faithful..When there's plenty,when there is happiness, when there are loved ones to support and fellowship with,it all seems so easy; but when there's no one around,there's just you and your Creator with the evil one tugging the rope of your life with false illusions of a mirage of watery joy in your deserted moments...thats when you have to stand!! There's still hope,there's still joy,there's a reason to sing...Coz He's my king!! Amen....
Even though the road may be hard and narrow..help Lord so I don't give-in or give up!!!
Coz God I don't ask you to make my life easy but I do ask you to make me strong!!!Amen....