Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

Though writing after a gap I want to put forth all my struggles as I face the reality of a crazy world around me, away from the shelter of my home...but always knowing that HIS GRACE is sufficient above all.. through this poem to show despite it all the Lord was and will always will be there to carry me through till the end...

In the heartlessness of life
As I saw me like a disturbed bee-hive..
The thousand bees of disturbing thoughts let loose..
And this was coz' all I did was choose!
To live a life that would seem just..
Only to find that all around was lust!
The lust of the Spirit, the soul and the flesh..
Even though I know I'm among the blessed!!
 But there are times that life seems cursed!
The sweet venom that flows around..
Waiting to engulf when I seem to touch ground...
Wishing for a stop would be a wish to die..
Which I know is the serpent's biggest lie..

As I gaze upon Heavenly shores..
The earthly cares grow dim evermore..
Holding onto the Rock that'll never move!!
Like a climbing vine that needs a foundation that's true..
Whenever I'm down or when I'm blue..
I cling to You, Lord even when life holds no clue
Life can hurt, like an arrow through the heart!!
But the end of the spear is just the start!!
Of the work that You've begun in Your child..
It is my prayer, no matter how rough or wild..
That it'll be Your hand and presence that guides me through..
For at the end of the road it'll only be YOU !!


-Susanna Grace Johnson