Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....


Written by Susanna Grace Johnson

(Poem: 6th oct 12,12:30am)

I see that lonely star in the night sky.

And my heart gives a deep cry.

In the face of betrayal and unjust words of unkindness

I see a still small light through the clouds of doubt n sadness

Giving me hope to look heavenward and see..

A future to be with you my Lord, only with Thee

They say there are no lessons learnt without pain

But thru d years its only more of Your love that I’ve had to gain..

Its only cuz’ You're creating a new creed that will be misunderstood for the Savior's name

They will know no worldly laurels, no earthly fame..

These broken jars of clay would know they were mere dust before ..

Would live with just d need to know Him more..