Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

Through many situation I've faced in life I have learnt a forgiving heart goes a long way in healing hurts intentional or unintenional....we all have gone through situations where someone or the other let us down...the most painful when it comes from the people you'd never expect!! But holding that against someone in your heart sows only bitter seeds and eventually a bitter tree!!
Surely the Lord has shown us a very different way..May we find grace to be a people who forgive with all humility to be shining beacons for the Kingdom of God...
This poem i wrote describes what the Lord taught through some painful yet important lessons!!

If only we would let that self die..
Swallow that ego and His forgiveness lie....
If only we could let that fragrance of humility..
Become an odour that defines eternity..
If only we could let our brother win..
So that the world knows we're a kin..
Why do we need to prove to those along our road?
That we are somehow a better mould..
After all the struggle we have but the same goal..
Many times through life I've learnt..
We often forget that it was our Lord who had borne!!
It was coz' of His ultimate shame..
That now we are called by His Name..
Why do, O Christians, do we forget?
It's Jesus who loved when we first met!!
Why don't we then forgive and love like He said?
It's love that made Him go that far..
It's love that'll make His bride a star!!
Are you willing to make a start?
Oh! how He waits to see such a heart!!

Dear Jesus,help me to forgive and forget at all times no matter how hard it may seem on the outside..I know and trust You will give me the grace!! Amen..