Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

As I saw my dear grandma being buried into the ground..i could only hold to the hope that one day that casket would be opened and the faith that she will rise with others asleep as the Lord Jesus sounds His final trumpet and comes back!!Amen...

I dedicate this poem to my dearest grandma...and I want to thank all those who prayed and supported me and my family during this time..Thankyou with all my heart..

In moments like these I wish I had been by your side..
To tell you dear grandma, it’s in Him we abide..
Just to hold your hand as you passed from this world!
To have kissed you goodbye and hugged you till twas cold..
You have left with a radiance on your dear old face..
That shows and beholds many years of His grace!
I am left with an unfulfilled wish in my heart..
And though it is painful from you to part..
I’ll live with the hope that you in His presence rejoice!
That one day we’ll praise Him together with one voice...
Till my time on earth is done..
Dear grandma till my race here is run..
I’ll see you and love you in memories so clear..
Keeping you to my heart ever so near!!
With the winds of time you have flown...
Like leaves from the tree that have gently blown..
I’ll love you dear grandma till there’s a beat in my heart!
Very soon in Heaven we’ll have a new start!!

-Your granddaughter -

As I walked around my campus all by myself today….feeling the unsaid words of rejection for who I was…the Lord made me realize how good that was..and how through it all He has and will continue to protect me from all the sin that aboundeth much but praise God grace abounds much more!!! Penned this poem down to encourage anyone along this Christian narrow path who may be feeling rejected alone…its for your good….believe it and rejoice!!! Amen…

You tried to be cool and all there…
But they never thought you could really bare..
No! you said for everything they stood..
Now they have rejected you for good..

Come join in this harmless fun..
Just a little gossip under the sun..
But you walked out as they in wonder looked..
Yes they have rejected you for good..

We like you for the way you’re so sweet..
But you shouldn’t be so humble and meek..
You turned away when pride was their food..
Rejoice! They rejected you for good!!

Oh that’s such a great dress to wear..
The cut so neat and low neck so rare..
When you declined they just booed!
Like Jesus they rejected you for good!!

Have you like me been in such a place..
With many a time none hearing your case..
Take courage my friend you were rejected for good..
Heaven will show it was for the Savior you stood!!

I was so humbled and blessed by my dad's love letter to me....Thankyou Daddy for leading me to Jesus by your life....YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!I love you...In Heaven I believe when the Lord sees me and Rose, He will look at you and say, "Well,done....good and faithful servant!!"....

Dearest Susannamol,

You are most beautiful like Jesus. I saw this tiny little Jesus in one of the rooms in St Stephen's Hospital. I looked through the tiny window of the nursery but.............It was JUST A BABY GIRL for my human eyes.Then again, beyond the eyes of flesh there appeared eyes of the Spirit and I saw a little Jesus longing to manifest His glory .I became a servant of the Lord who doesn't see what his eyes suggest, who doesn't hear what his ears suggest, who doesn't think what his mind suggests. The devil protested "It's not He but me", but I continued as the Lord's servant.Whenever I looked at my daughter I saw JESUS.Then passed many days,weeks, months and years. Was that JESUS ? "No" protested the devil, "It's not He but me" but I continued as His servant and delighted with His words unlike Thomas "Blessed are those who believe without seeing".

Finally came the verdict. Who was right????? I hushed as I waited. Who was right?????

It was the Lord Who was right and the devil was wrong.

Dear Lord....
According to Your word be it unto me!!!

I have been inspired by the words said by a blind girl to a salesman who helped her set up baskets of apples that had been overturned in a busy airport terminal…He missed his flight in doing so and as he paid for the damages and turned to go, the girl asked… ‘’Are you Jesus?’’

I really want this true in my life..people who see me, walk with me, work with me, live with me… must see Jesus…
I want to dedicate this poem I to all who are challenged to live such a life…May it be so Lord..may it be so..Amen!!

Do they mistake me for Jesus?

When I am walking down the street..
With my gestures when I greet…
At times with friends just hanging out..
Do they sometimes turn about....
And mistake me for Jesus?

When I am at my place of work..
Things going about in a blur..
It’s just a little party you see..
Nobody from home at work they say..
But suddenly in their sentence caught mid-way..
Coz they thought they saw Jesus!

When I am at home at peace..
Doing my work and all is bliss..
Mom comes right in and asking many a thing..
Just as she is telling what I must bring..
Stops to smile and blinks..
No its not what she just thinks..
She saw someone like Jesus about…

Everyday life brings many a chance
Its upto us to take a stance…
To either take the heavenly cue
And like the true and chosen few
Make the little worlds around us see…
That Jesus lives through you and me..!!!

In the daily rat-race of know-how..
In the midst of the crowd my head does bow..
When I am touched in so many ways by my Master’s love!
I look and see what grace…
That took me out from my wretched place!
Lord, lead me always to a dependent state..
Sometimes as I sit in my room..
At times when all around is gloom..
Oh, Lord, make the flower of Your joy in my heart to bloom..
Many a time when I cannot see..
Those who run the Heavenly race with me..
Help me always to remember the cross..
To be thankful for what I gained through Your loss!
So every time when I think its about me..
Turn my eyes, my all to Thee!!

‘’Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love’’ (Ephesians 1:4, Message Bible)
You and I were the focus of His love even before foundations of this earth began…what is in us that a great God like Him took notice….I haven’t seen such a love and the least we can do is love Him back with all that we have…May Jesus grip us with His love…Amen