Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

For it is the will of God that all of mankind be saved...I happen to share an autorickshaw a long time back with an unknown lady and as I saw her restless face I began to write a poem which i completed only recently...Truly we as Christians need to be examples to the world that's dying...without hope,love,peace,joy and most importantly without a Saviour who can save them from eternal separation from the Creator who loves them with a love beyond understanding..

Here goes my poem..

I saw their palms rise in reverence to man-made stone..
In vain hope that it would their sins atone..
Minds that fear the unseen one..
Lives run by fate under the sun..
Some silver on the hand,some red on the brow..
They think their problems would run..
Away from the songs of life they've sung..
Rushing to and fro as though the final bell's rung..
Into the world's mire they're further sunk..
Lord what is in me that I'm not dead..
To your love and to your bread..
You gave me coz You had tread..
On this lowly earth infected with sin that the serpent had fed..
Your life here was ended on a rocky bed..
But You rose again and saved us instead..
May it never be that we live the truth with our head..
But with our hearts obey when we're led..
Love so divine to share with those who dread..
To live with the chains that the dragon has spread..
Awaken O Lord Your remanant to see..
Through eyes of faith Your glory revealed..
To lead and have such lives lived..
That honoured will be those souls for all in Heaven to see..
To rejoice with YOU through all eternity..

Dear Lord...
This is my prayer that all that You're teaching me I may live with my heart in complete obedience to You and out of my worship will flow my service to where you want me to be a blessing...Thankyou cannot be expressed in words..Master for what you've done...with every beat of my heart,with every prayer i pray.with every song that I sing..with every thing i write or do...BE GLORIFIED!!Lord I want my life to reflect who you are...Burn everything till all i desire is YOU!! Amen......