Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

As I walked around my campus all by myself today….feeling the unsaid words of rejection for who I was…the Lord made me realize how good that was..and how through it all He has and will continue to protect me from all the sin that aboundeth much but praise God grace abounds much more!!! Penned this poem down to encourage anyone along this Christian narrow path who may be feeling rejected alone…its for your good….believe it and rejoice!!! Amen…

You tried to be cool and all there…
But they never thought you could really bare..
No! you said for everything they stood..
Now they have rejected you for good..

Come join in this harmless fun..
Just a little gossip under the sun..
But you walked out as they in wonder looked..
Yes they have rejected you for good..

We like you for the way you’re so sweet..
But you shouldn’t be so humble and meek..
You turned away when pride was their food..
Rejoice! They rejected you for good!!

Oh that’s such a great dress to wear..
The cut so neat and low neck so rare..
When you declined they just booed!
Like Jesus they rejected you for good!!

Have you like me been in such a place..
With many a time none hearing your case..
Take courage my friend you were rejected for good..
Heaven will show it was for the Savior you stood!!