Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

Just wanted to share a poem that came from the depth of my experience of sorrows and regrets but oh what a blessed assurance that we have in Jesus!!

Thoughts led to all that I am..
I saw what makes all that I have..
Sometimes in life we mess the plan that He had,
Making only the enemy glad..
Why is it so hard to believe?
Even though we often receive;
A Word of correction, sometimes a cheer..
Why then not let Him our ships to steer?
I found my answers in my fears..
Many a time its coz' our insides..
Takes stands for both the sides..
How then can one anchor when there is a tide?
All along this heart had been listening to lies..
Forming all those unwanted ties..
I've learnt my lesson with some regret..
That even though we miss what we get..
Our Lord is ever willing to untangle the net...
Just keep onto Him your eyes set!!
Believe you me,coz' I know He'll handle the rest!!!

The human heart above all is very deceitful as the Bible very clearly says...we need to guard our hearts in this era of deception...Yes, Lord I want you to tkae full control of the reins of my heart...Don't let it go its way!! Amen..