Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

There's a peace that floods my soul

When the Spirit of the Lord

Is in control

And there's a joy

No bounds can hold,

When the Spirit blows a fresh wind

Through my soul

Holy Spirit flow through me;

Touch my heart and there will,

There will be.....

Such joy!Such unspeakable joy,

Such peace,an everlasting peace;

Such love,a pure and holy love,

Spirit have your way in me.

Truly....there is so much peace and joy when the Lord is in control...
Even if your day is not going the way you planned it to go or some things
happpen when you never expected them.....There is such peace when you
realise God is in control and all one has to do is to run to Him.........
Beginning to realise in little measures how the Holy Spirit can lead you
and guide you......Amazing and so refreshing............I never can forget God's
goodness.......He chose me even when I rejected Him rebelliously.............
There is nothing good in me.....it's His grace and mercy.....The Lord's name is
to be praised....Oh.....Lord,I take this moment to thank you for your love and grace
in my life without which I would have perished.....I have no word's to express in my
limited vocabulary...but I'll just end with..."I love you,Jesus"...Amen....


Every fruit of the Spirit will increase in abundance in our life as we get to know HIM who has called us.
As we spend more and more time with God and meditate on HIS word. As we learn to rely only and wholly on God the Holy Spirit and become assured in the Love of the Father.
Meditating on the vastness of the universe, we get a glimpse of the majesty of God who measures it by the span of HIS fingers. It is HIM whom we call Father.
How easy to trust, how easy to believe. It is HIM who has come to dwell in us. What do we need to fear!?
Father help us walk with you. Holy Spirit teach us. Jesus thank you, you alone are worthy, you alone will have the highest place in our life.

Oh Lord!!There are no words to describe your majesty....You reign above all....Amen

definately it is brings such peace when just cast all our burdens on Jesus for he truly gives us rest. one sister in chruch in was just telling me as you didn't know anything as a little child when your father put you to school but you just went and studied. same way your heavenly Fther knows your needs and He will put you in a college where he has already booked the seat. i just need to go there study and glorify his name.
Jesus will never leave me a alone.

Yes Rachel,
God has your future secure...just trust Him.....He'll see you thru