Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

Truly our God is an awesome God!!The name of Jesus is such a stronghold...
Indeed there is no name greater than the name of Jesus.... Recently all Christians
in my college were forced to attend a Catholic retreat conducted by a Charismatic group..
I was feeling uncomforatble right from the start....These people have a custom of adoration which is nothing other than idol worship....they were forcing everyone to sit and bow down to the idol of a cross.....an idol is an idol whether it is a symbol of the cross or any other image...
For it is written "Cursed is the man who makes an idol or a molten image,an abomination to the Lord,the work of the hands of the craftsman,and sets it up in secret"(Deuteronomy 28:15)
This also refers to any idol that might be in our heart....Anything that takes the place of Jesus in our lives is an idol. Well what I really wanted to write about is the experience through which for
the first time understood the mighty power in the name of Jesus. To avoid the idol-worship I and a friend of mine were sitting in another room quite close to the place where this was happening...We thought we would sing and pray together...But when we started singing,we began to forget the lyrics of even the most common songs....songs we had sung from childhood..
very soon we sensed an evil presence around us....it was frightening but we started crying out loudly and commanding the evil spirit to go away in Jesus name....I had only heard of evil spirits being cast out but actually experiencing them fleeing in Jesus name has really uplifted my spirit and strengthend and shaken me to the core...I realise how desperately I need to cling to Jesus at every moment....the devil and his agents in this world are waging war with such a fury that if Christians would realise the intensity...they would take their walk with the Lord a more seriously...the devil has made firm holds even in Christendom, that every soldier of Christ must always be ready...working with one hand and carrying their weapons in the other,ready to fight... truly this Christian life is a fight..a fight I must keep fighting till the end...till my last breath.....
O,Lord....Make me a soldier fit to be in the forefront.....With the strength the Holy Spirit gives and the guidance I know Lord...you can work through me.....Help me never to doubt or forget your strength..for I am covered by the blood of Jesus.. Amen


hi susie,
this is exactly how i felt when i was in college and my seniours in the van took me to infant jesus chruch where they worship an idol of a small baby and call it infant jesus. they oinsense candles and you know they worship the idol of a woman and call it st.Mary and do the same things the hindu's do when it comes to idol worship and celebrating it as a festival.
God is allowing us to go through certain experiences to make us strong in faith in him and showing us the outside world. let us always cling to him in total dependance.

In my house there are hindu artifacts and also many things that have been created in the ignorance of God, I mean art, sculpture etc.
Once when a younger brother came, we happened to examine these and got truly terrified. We immediately rang one of the elder brothers and he prayed. But it was what he said from the the word of God that truly freed me of the fear, "He that is in me is greater than who is in the world." Amen.

Truly....in the name of Jesus there is immense power...Praise God!!