Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

I was feeling very low last night....was crying out to God about my repeated spiritual failures and stupid choices that I make impulsively and hurt others in the process...So all my sadness I vent out into this poem I wrote....The Lord really heard m cry and comforted me in a way I have never experienced before....Love u Jesus........

My life goes like the mountain
Up and down,more of down like the fountain
Hitting rock bottom much too often
Deject's me,my heart it does sadden
Always expecting something to happen,
When something else always does dampen
Leaving me to my tears to lighten
Oh,weary I am to even think of the more heartaches to happen.
But the Lord is still looking and waitin..
Holding the end of the rope of my life,His hands never achin'
He let the rope a lil' slack,my freedom not curbin'
With each heartbreak tellin' that I'll be needin'
My precious Jesus even when life'll be endin'....


This is the story of my life..Praise Jesus for He loves me so....I know that I CANNOT do ANYTHING WITHOUT HIM....Oh,Lord Jesus please become my everything....Amen


form this much distance, i dont know what i can counsel. but i suggest a book."Sit, Walk, and Stand"- by WatchmenLee.check whether u get it there. otherwice i'll send frm here.
if u already read it, go through it once more.....
Father God,
thank You daddy, because you love Sussan unconductionally.Let she be secured in your covering of love.Help her to move to a highter level of glory,as she long for.Let her faith in you increase.Daddy keep her safe and victories in this wilderness by the mighty power and presence of Your Holy Spirit.In Jesus name. Amen.

Keep trusting i Jesus.He'll lift u up in the right time.Plzzzzzzzzzzz dont give up.I personally think, you are moving to next level.everything 'll b alright.
LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED, BELIEVE IN GOD, BELIEVE ALSO IN JESUS.He is in control of the situation.but it is ur duity to keep on trusting.....He ll surely five a breakthrough.......

hi susie,
many a times we fall but the test is not whether you'll fall or not but will you get up each time you fall with faith that jesus is with you and he will lead you rightly if you follow him and fix your eyes on him. let's not lose sight of our focus Jesus.
the lord is always there to comfort and strengthen us and i really love him for that.
let's move on higher.
by the way nice poem try writing more.

Thanx Nithya n Rachel...I am trustin God fully despite my struggles...He knws I am puttin up a fight...

Despite ur struggles sis, u've been such an encouragement to me sis...........
Thanx 4 evrything....
He'll never let go of your hand..........GBU