Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

There was a very important decision that seemed to go wrong today in college and as i sat in class unable to contain my thoughts i penned down a poem and the very next instant i got the news that the Lord had opened another door...so without knowing the result i just wanna give glory to God for what He is and what He has been and for what He will be...Amen

In my unsettling dust of thoughts
Sometimes I see despite the storms..
Even though door's are torn..
In all of this a new work is born..
I only hope with faith kept strong.
And know that the wait won't be long..
When blocks seem to marr my way..
Help me Lord always to stay and say..
The enemy camp will be kept at bay..
Open the Heaven's gates O Lord..
As we pray with one accord..
Mountains will crumble..
Coz there'll be a rumble..
To lead those who stumble.
By the one's you see so humble!!


hey suz,
what an amazing poem.really so wonderful.do not get upset of anything. if a door is closed , just look behind a big door god has opened for you.
often we do not realizes the big door that lord has opened behind us , v just look the front door that has been closed and get upset.yes he has opened for you my dear sister.
hey suzzane just today i was thinking i am so lucky to have two beautiful and naughty sisters like you. when i was in your house i just thanked gos for that. i really felt so homely in your house and really thanked god for giving such a wonderful family for us.
thanks my dear sweet sisters so lucky to have you. pls , pls do tell me anything or you can share anything and pls consider me as your own elder brother. love you all and miss you both. love and prayers

titto n nidhi

Thankyou for replyin from ur heart bhaiya....U n di are God's precious gift for me and I will treasure it till life's last breath...N thanx for all d compliments love n care....I'm so blessed!!

There is a door that is opened that cannot be shut.
And that is the door that leads to being more and more like Jesus.
If I am gripped by that, then I know that the doors closed are the ones that would lead me out of this narrow path and the ones opened are the one that leads me on to HIM.
I am being asked, "Do I seek after the bread that perishes or the one that leads to eternal life."
I am being asked, "Do I really believe that God is in control?"