Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

It's been a while I have been thinking about 'what's next'...there's always a curiosity, an urge to know what the next bend in the road might bring..we expect something but reality's so different..Are dreams only meant to motivate or is it a part of you that is wanting to take shape.. A lot many times I just don't know why am doing something...so many questions but all I can say is I've always found the answers in JESUS...its amazing..I've tried it on my own but I end up frustrated and without an answer but just a little bit of me when it turns for heavenly help,its like heaven itself comes down just for 'one me'...its truly amazing........As I wait for a change,desperate sometimes..I know I'll always find YOU at the end....

One day all things will not be at rest
The bird will finally flee its nest
To the world to prove its best..
Though home won't be far from its chest..
Today she sits caged and free..
I know that's difficult to see...
Waiting for the dreams she wants to be..
Lost and muddled though at times it may be.
Trying to reach the heights there seems,
A fear,a doubt that ties the knee..
Help doesn't come from mountain peaks..
Yet there's the voice thats waiting to speak...
Seeking a heart that won't go weak;
When trials overwhelm,or temptaions seek..
Forget thou not the promises divine,
With steadfast faith it'll be your time;
Your struggle,your fight will soon be a sign,
That hope's never a dead-end with grace sublime...



With steadfats faith it'll be youe time;

"steadfats" = steadfast
youe = your ... I think you typed too fast and too late :-)

the bout of loneliness we go through is often the Lord wooing us towards Him. Mostly at that time we cry out for fellwoship, for someone to understand, for a break through in ministry....
But if we were to pause and know that we are never alone. And say Lord Jesus You are all that I want forgive me for allowing these thoughts of loneliness to rule. How it will bring joy to Him.
Not what He does through You but what He does in you that matters. Because in the later there is the need of a living sacrifice and it will lead to the former without our effort.
God bless you sister.

Thankyou brother,yes it has been quite sometime I've updated my blog..Thanx for the encouragement..