Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

The Lord has been speaking to me these days about how we get deceived along the Way in our spiritual lives...I too have fallen prey to this evil monster many a time but the grace of God endures and has lifetd me out of the miry clay on time!!!Praise God...The Lord's Word warns me ever more strongly as the time draws nigh for the Lord to return...The enemy sure comes like an angel of light but he only intends to steal, kill and destroy...
Dear Lord Jesus,
I ask you to preserve my life-spirit,soul and body from ever being contaminated from this venomous power of deception...Guard me,correct me,teach me and lead me by your grace!!!Amen..

This poem I wrote describes what I've learnt....so BEWARE Christian!!!

Many a child went astray..
Some came back and some just did sway!!
That path of death called 'deception bay'..
If you haven't heard then listen I say..
I've been a visitor there on that treachorous day..
Trapped by an angel of light who lay...
A path that seemed narrow like gold paint on clay..
I struggled, I fought till I finally found grace!!
And it twas grace that had me join back the race...
The Heavenly race that I was suppose to run..
Now that I'm onward with the soldier's stride..
I warn you of deception's ride!!
Beware O Christian! it's a deadly slow tide..
It starts as narrow but ends up so wide!!
A path to be forsaken, rejected and burnt!!
Don't ever let the feet of the gospel be turned..
To this path of doom, no never give no room..
Run like Joseph, flee from Lot's Sodom!!
Be a warrior,live like the Son!!
Coz' it'll be your Father who's finally won!!!!

Romans 5:20- But where sin increased, grace abounded all the more...(NASB)

Oh!!what a great God we serve!!!Amen