Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

I have been inspired by the words said by a blind girl to a salesman who helped her set up baskets of apples that had been overturned in a busy airport terminal…He missed his flight in doing so and as he paid for the damages and turned to go, the girl asked… ‘’Are you Jesus?’’

I really want this true in my life..people who see me, walk with me, work with me, live with me… must see Jesus…
I want to dedicate this poem I to all who are challenged to live such a life…May it be so Lord..may it be so..Amen!!

Do they mistake me for Jesus?

When I am walking down the street..
With my gestures when I greet…
At times with friends just hanging out..
Do they sometimes turn about....
And mistake me for Jesus?

When I am at my place of work..
Things going about in a blur..
It’s just a little party you see..
Nobody from home at work they say..
But suddenly in their sentence caught mid-way..
Coz they thought they saw Jesus!

When I am at home at peace..
Doing my work and all is bliss..
Mom comes right in and asking many a thing..
Just as she is telling what I must bring..
Stops to smile and blinks..
No its not what she just thinks..
She saw someone like Jesus about…

Everyday life brings many a chance
Its upto us to take a stance…
To either take the heavenly cue
And like the true and chosen few
Make the little worlds around us see…
That Jesus lives through you and me..!!!