Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

As I saw my dear grandma being buried into the ground..i could only hold to the hope that one day that casket would be opened and the faith that she will rise with others asleep as the Lord Jesus sounds His final trumpet and comes back!!Amen...

I dedicate this poem to my dearest grandma...and I want to thank all those who prayed and supported me and my family during this time..Thankyou with all my heart..

In moments like these I wish I had been by your side..
To tell you dear grandma, it’s in Him we abide..
Just to hold your hand as you passed from this world!
To have kissed you goodbye and hugged you till twas cold..
You have left with a radiance on your dear old face..
That shows and beholds many years of His grace!
I am left with an unfulfilled wish in my heart..
And though it is painful from you to part..
I’ll live with the hope that you in His presence rejoice!
That one day we’ll praise Him together with one voice...
Till my time on earth is done..
Dear grandma till my race here is run..
I’ll see you and love you in memories so clear..
Keeping you to my heart ever so near!!
With the winds of time you have flown...
Like leaves from the tree that have gently blown..
I’ll love you dear grandma till there’s a beat in my heart!
Very soon in Heaven we’ll have a new start!!

-Your granddaughter -