Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

When a Christian realizes his or her prophetic pontential to see into th emighty plans of God through the eyes of faith...there's sure to be a rumble and that's the thunder in distance waiting to pour the rains of revival...and the key to unleash those water's of revival is prayer..and its been God's amazing grace that I could see the JUST A MINUTE PRAYER MOVE begin in my college this monday and the Lord has begun to work in the third of prayer itself..Wow I mean we as Christians are so asleep..dead spiritually at times like dry bones when we don't listen to the voice of the Lord...This sunday the Lord gave me a song from Ezekiel 37:4-14 which was the theme of the message and the Lord has been taking me through situations so similar like dry bones which were transformed into real living beings or positive situations...
The song goes like this...

Walking in the midst of the valley
I stopped to look and tarry
All around there were bones so dry..
I just wished they were a lie..

And He said,Son of Man..
Can they live yet again ?..(2)
Lord, you know; I said..
Lord.you said;I know

Ch: Prophecy He said..(3)
to them now..

Coz' I will make these bones to live
I will make them rise again..
Fighting the enemy they'd lost their lives..
But I will be their hope again..


My Spirit is within you..
Oh,my people rise from your graves.
I will place you on your land
Arise, for the kingdom of God is at hand...


I just wanna Praise God for His awesome plan and grace...Nothing do we lack in Him..
We just need to prophecy into our seemingly hopeless situations words of faith and see the mighty hand of God like I am seeing..Amen.....


Want to share a link.
It is about the revival that took place in Asbury college.

as we seek the Lord, He will come and with HIM, revival and all things. But it is not revival that we seek. There is no pattern. He, in HIS sovereignty, decides how He should meet with us.