Expanding Horizons

God is expanding my horizons.....My life is in the hands of Jesus....

Today I had the most sweetest times in many days with my Lord...I was all alone at home feeling very dejected and sad for one reason or the other..As I began crying out to the Lord with tears asking Him for a new experience...a little closer walk..My tears overflowed into a song...

I don't know where I am going Lord..
I don't know why it seems so dark..
I just know there's a longing Lord.
Give your strength and your power


Coz' I wanna walk this road you set
Coz' I wanna walk the road you trod..
I'm just a lonely wanderer...
Seeking your will my conquerer!

When my life is bleak and lost
When to the sea of tear's am tossed
Don't let let me sink..
Oh,hold my hand,make me walk..

Yes...LOrd.Only on you do I depend...When I am sinking in the pond of despair..you lift me up and fill me with heavenly joy again...LOVE U LORD!!!


"Today I had the most sweetest times in many days with my Lord"

and there we should remain
in prayerful decisiveness
day by day
in brokenness
in the shadow of the almighty
there I will be led
into the center of HIS will.

hey, what a peom u have written
really what a meaning it has. dear god is going to use you, he is going to use you mightly in these coming days. may god bless

Thanx brother(the Postman) and thankyou bhaiya ...i know with u all by my side prayin for me and lifting me up with ur love and care...I will stand up for God...Both u n di are a blessing in my life..only Heaven will tell what it means to me!!!